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Facebook Idiocy and Willful Ignorance: The ‘Slut isn’t Offensive’ Edition

I can’t always deal with facebook. I can’t always deal with normal, un-evil people who say things that they probably believe but don’t much care about, and when they’re unthinkingly attacking that which I hold very dear, I have a hard time staying calm. An acquaintance of mine shared the status update of a friend of his, and it went something like this:
‎”Slut-bashing is a cheap and easy way to feel powerful. If you feel insecure or ashamed about your own sexual desires, all you have to do is call a girl a ‘slut’ and suddenly you’re the one who is ‘good’ and on top of the social pecking order.” Societies shame individuals who express their sexuality in ways that do not conform to their society’s traditional values. I do not condone the shaming of deviant sexuality (as long as the deviant behavior does not involve some kind of coercion). Particularly because I don’t conform to them myself.”

To which someone (male) commented:

“The definition of slut: A slovenly or promiscuous woman. Whether people choose to be offended by it or not is up to them.”

Fucking seriously, dude?

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