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Giving Thanks

For DBLK, who has been there since we were tiny.  Happy 23rd birthday!

For Elizabeth Warren.

For Orthodox Jewish female Rhodes scholars.

For Roe v Wade.

For the repeal of Mississippi’s Issue 26.

For the release of Egyptian-American journalist Mona Eltahaway, may her physical and emotional wounds heal quickly.

For the moral courage of Daniel Radcliffe and Josh Hutcherson

For the women on Corporette, who rose to the occasion as I began to mourn.

For Kate Beaton.

For Nicki Minaj.  (Watch the interview video, really.  It’s less than 2 minutes long.)

For feminist Muslim reality TV shows.

For safe spaces and open arms.

For two amazing co-adventurers in the world of issue blogging.

For all the comments.

For the hilarious site stats.

For you.

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Nick Jonas: brooding auteur and future leading man

I know this isn’t the promised “Sleazy” analysis.  Deal.

Confidential to caelestis albinus bibaculus: this one’s for you, kid.

Boy, am I glad he’s not engaged.  #stopreadingthoserumorsLadyG  #itsbadforyourhealth

Congratulations to Tara Rubin Casting; you may have just scored the biggest hat trick* of your career.    After all of the media types have finished blogging about this, please take the week off.  You deserve it.    (As a fangirl tangentially in the industry, I’d like to add: OMG CAN I WORK UNDER YOU????)

Those of you who don’t stalk Broadway.com might not know what I’m referring to.   Here, have some links from reputable sources in the lamestream media:



And one excited link from fan media, just ’cause:


*Tara Rubin has signed three talented young heartthrobs of similar coloring and build to the starring role in a Broadway revival within months.   This thing is already a box-office juggernaut for its tax bracket.  Every tweenmag is probably “hiring” another 5 PR interns right now just to track her movements.  They should give out casting awards.

What the Media’s Saying and Why I Disagree

The role of J. Pierrepont Finch, a window cleaner who rises through the ranks of the World Wide Wicket Company, calls for singing, dancing and, of course, acting. “The score is amazing, the music is absolutely incredible,” Jonas said. Perhaps because of the scope of the role, Jonas said that “I’m considering it my first Broadway experience.”  — WSJ

The WSJ arts analysis has always been written by and for Old White Suburbanites, most of whom seem to have definite tastes but not a whole lot of industry knowledge or industry-common sense.  Pre-Murdorch-takeover, I’d be inclined to believe that he actually said this, but check out what the NYT wrote (and what I already knew to be true):

Years before he was a teen pop heartthrob, Nick Jonas made his Broadway debut as the youngsters Little Jake in “Annie Get Your Gun,” Chip in “Beauty and the Beast,” and Gavroche in “Les Miserables” — three roles he credited for developing his voice for his band, the Jonas Brothers. The acting bug stayed with him, though, and he took the supporting role of the love-smitten revolutionary Marius in the London production of “Les Miserables” last year.

Yeah, somebody involved with the WSJ piece lied, and I don’t think it was Nick.   Although maybe they took his quote waaaay out of context.

ETA:  WHOAH, did not watch the end of that video before I posted it.  NSFW, guys.  I can’t believe the same Disneylebrity who used to wear a chastity ring was OK with this.  Wonder if all the tweenyboppers picked up on what she’s doing.

I fully believe this boy has the chops to succeed.  If you love Broadway, get over your (deserved) anti-JoBro bias.   Talented Jonas has always been talented, and he’s about to leave Slimy Jonas and Married Jonas behind in the dust.   Good riddance.

i’m saving my pithy remarks for the rest of the analysis;  click here.

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