Comment Policy

Dear real-life friends and Internet stalkers,

The three of us are really, really delighted that you’re here! We do hope you comment often — even just to say that you’re reading and you care — but we understand that some of you are amazing lurkers.

Please, we ask you not to identify us, our alma mater, or yourselves on this blog. We take Internet anonymity very seriously and strongly believe that our ideas are more important than our identities. Let the charm of our winning real-life personalities amaze you elsewhere on the Internet.

To wit, we will be moderating comments very carefully, at least at the beginning or until we get a system up and running. Any remarks using real names of non-celebrities or other identifying traits will be removed. Please, don’t make us set up a 3-strikes system. We know you’re better than that.


written with love,
Lady G (on behalf of Emmy and CD)

last edited July 6th, 2011

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