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But seriously, guys.

But seriously, guys.

Stop telling me I don’t need my space. (For more awesome critiques of these ‘manarchist’ types, go to

Intermission: Cartoon Break

Not feeling super eloquent this week, although I’m working on a couple of topics.   If you want to see longer posts soon, give us some encouragement in the form of comments!  Feeds our egos, and all that.

Had a debate with a Privilege Denying Dude this week on FB.      And while I no longer watch Glee, I am very proud that several people have googled “Ryan Murphy sexism” and stumbled upon our blog by way of my rant.  Any of you lot still lurking and reading?    Poor Santana, or something.

See you next week with some opinions, I promise.  Regardless of how eloquent they are.


Take it away, Kate!

Kate Beaton's website is

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Lady Godiva mourns

My friend passed away this weekend, so there will be no blogging for me this week.

Yea, though I walk though the valley of the shadow of Death…

How you can help Occupy Chicago

Between high holidays, job applications, mom visiting, and the start of school, I have little time to write.

All I want to say is that you should visit the following website to help Occupy Chicago:

Interestingly enough, one of the items they are currently asking for the most are feminine hygiene products. I’m very glad that this movement is taking these needs into consideration. Certainly a far cry from the misogyny of the protests of a few generations ago. I wonder who is in charge of getting feminine hygiene products on the list of needed items, and how much of a role they have in this – I’d love to meet them. I might be heading out to the protests on Wednesday and Thursday night (box of feminine hygiene items in hand), and depending on how wild things get I might skip school on Thursday, so keep an eye out if you’re there too or let me know if you’d like to meet up!

*This in no way means I live in Chicago – it’s just the closest “Occupy” protest center to where I live.

Here are some videos featuring women at the Occupy Wall Street protests [TRIGGER WARNING: Police brutality in the first video] – Woman resists being manhandled, crowd rightfully shouts “WHO ARE YOU PROTECTING?!?!” – Faces and voices of women involved in the Occupy Wall Street protests.

You Know What’s Ridiculous? That Skin-Tight “tznius” Skirt.

It’s also ridiculous to be told that it’s not “tznius”* to wear pants (as happened today).

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Day 19: Schedule a physical exam

I’ve been trying to do this for around five days, but my insurance is dumb so I have to arrange things with my mother to get a primary care physician in the state I now I live in (1000+ miles away from my home state). I can’t believe I haven’t seen a doctor in three years!

Day 13: Emmy Declutters (and selections from Day 12’s bucket list).

I sat down and wrote my bucket list. 30 items and a lifetime (however long or short) to complete them (not including a large portion of the other 613 items).  SCAV OF LIFE. FUCKIN’ YEAH. Here are a few selections from it:

#5: Learn to play Bach’s Cello Suite No.1 by memory (on the cello, of course, currently rotting away in California).
#10: Treat my parents and sister to a vacation.
#11: Build a camping eruv and actually scare a mother bird from a nest before taking eggs. (Note: camping buddies desired for a Shabbat in the Indiana Dunes either before Thanksgiving or after Pesach – lemme know!).
#12: Take care of my parents when they retire through whatever means possible.
#17: Visit Rome and Athens, preferably with a philosopher tour guide or with friends who agree to do research for it and take turns giving philosophy-based tours.
#18: Go to Paris with my sister (take her if possible), see the Alps!
#19:  Take a train from Istanbul to Kathmandu (OMG I have to go through Iran and Pakistan for that!), and then take trains throughout India (also looking for an adventurous buddy for this one).
#23: Create a spoof rap music video of high quality.
#24: Climb Masada at sunrise (I can’t believe I didn’t do this on my first trip to Israel).
#27: Visit Cordoba, Spain; Fez, Morocco; Cairo, Egypt; Baghdad, Iraq; Uman, Ukraine; Vilna, Lithuania; Warsaw, Poland; Volozhin, Belarus. Maybe in one trip, maybe in two, maybe in more.
#28: Perfect a recipe for vegan paella, get known for it.

Day 13: Well, I have actually been decluttering, and I’m planning on donating my old clothes to the Howard Brown Center’s thrift store. In fact, this month I am also decluttering my typical diet through a raw vegan detox, and decluttering my mind by quitting facebook for a while (profile’s still up, wall’s closed, won’t be signing in until October 9).

I’m starting to like this.