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Srugim Season 3

Word on the street is that this is the last season 😦

While I don’t want to include any spoilers, I’ve been following it on YouTube. This season has shied away from what was promising to be a show that dealt with a lot of gender and sexuality issues. Season 1, for a while, appeared to be very focused on women’s issues, and Season 2 had a gay character (Sorry if that’s a spoiler! You should have caught up by now.). Aside from shomer negiah stuff (a common thread through all of the seasons), it’s relatively quiet. Actually, that’s not true – there are a few interesting things going on, that could be interesting to discuss. I’m thinking specifically about Amir, and perhaps Hodaya, and definitely Yifat.I won’t comment further on any developments in Season 3 for the sake of people who care what is going on, but please, anyone out there who has been following it and wants to talk about it please discuss in the comments section (where there will definitely be spoilers if the discussion takes off, be warned!), since I am dying to talk about it with someone!

Season 3 Things we could discuss, titled as to not spoil too much:

The Sheitel! Ick!


What the bloggers at Srugim Recap call “Smug Pregnant”

Amir’s new friend. Bromance?

Also, here’s a link to the original video for Smug Pregnant. Those who are willing to brave the possibilities of finding spoilers, let’s discuss this video! I think the video certainly has a lot of truth to it. Note to friends: Please do not be smug pregnant. Ever. I will not indulge you.


But seriously, guys.

But seriously, guys.

Stop telling me I don’t need my space. (For more awesome critiques of these ‘manarchist’ types, go to


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Fuck the patriarchy.

That is all I have to say today.

A quick look at the role of women in the Chilean Left

I know I’m way behind on this, having been busy with my own protests here in the midwest as part of the Occupy movement, but I am amazed and filled with joy to hear that women and girls are playing such a large part in the widespread Socialist unrest in Chile.

THIS is Girl Power: Liceo Carvajal in Chile, currently occupied by its fourteen-year-old female students

Links and details on the students of Liceo Carmela Carvajal and, of course, Camila Vallejo, after the jump

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Sizeism Meets the Candy Bowl: Or How I Learned to Stop Indulging Diet Talk and Love Chocolate

You know what’s really annoying? Hearing skinny people complain about being “fat” in front of you while they justify their decision to eat the slightest bit of junk food.

There are tons of problems with this, here are the main ones I can think of:


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uMi Yamut: 10 Female Martyrs

On Rosh Hashanah will be inscribed and on Yom Kippur will be sealed how many will pass from the earth and how many will be created; who will live and who will die; who will die at [her] predestined time and who before [her] time; who by water and who by fire, who by sword, who by beast, who by famine, who by thirst, who by upheaval, who by plague, who by strangling, and who by stoning.” – From the prayers said on Rosh HaShanah and Yom Kippur.

Many of our readers and contributors spent all of yesterday and the night before in Yom Kippur services. In many synagogues, people often read the stories of a group known as the 10 Martyrs. These are very compelling accounts of ten Jewish Rabbis who were killed during Roman rule by Emperor Hadrian (you know, the guy who built the pretty little walls in England and also murdered Jews in his spare time). All of them are very graphic, and include fates that I would not wish on most of my worst enemies (I’d be perfectly fine if someone like Hitler or Stalin or Pol Pot were killed in some of these fashions).

Anyways, just as I walked out of services this year personally not at all pleased with myself or my repentance (while everyone else walked out relieved) and with the feeling that I need more time to atone as I suddenly remembered things I had done poorly in the past year after the Shofar had sounded and the “gates” had closed, I feel that while these stories we read are compelling, there are so many more stories that could be read if we really just wanted to make ourselves miserable all day (which I’m clearly into). Other people have expressed this, especially after the Holocaust, and such thinking got wider accounts from later times in Jewish history incorporated into the service in the Conservative movement.

The absence I noticed the most, other than the absence of stories from the Inquisition, the Holocaust, and other important catastrophic events in which many Jewish people were killed, was the absence of any women martyrs, even though I am sure there were women martyrs. Below is a list of women I would include in a supplement to the services for people who would want to include women when these stories are being read. I want to say that this is not a definitive “top 10 list,” but just as there is room for expansion on the original ten, there is infinite room for expansion on this list, since there are literally millions of female Jewish martyrs. See the list, after the jump.

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How you can help Occupy Chicago

Between high holidays, job applications, mom visiting, and the start of school, I have little time to write.

All I want to say is that you should visit the following website to help Occupy Chicago:

Interestingly enough, one of the items they are currently asking for the most are feminine hygiene products. I’m very glad that this movement is taking these needs into consideration. Certainly a far cry from the misogyny of the protests of a few generations ago. I wonder who is in charge of getting feminine hygiene products on the list of needed items, and how much of a role they have in this – I’d love to meet them. I might be heading out to the protests on Wednesday and Thursday night (box of feminine hygiene items in hand), and depending on how wild things get I might skip school on Thursday, so keep an eye out if you’re there too or let me know if you’d like to meet up!

*This in no way means I live in Chicago – it’s just the closest “Occupy” protest center to where I live.

Here are some videos featuring women at the Occupy Wall Street protests [TRIGGER WARNING: Police brutality in the first video] – Woman resists being manhandled, crowd rightfully shouts “WHO ARE YOU PROTECTING?!?!” – Faces and voices of women involved in the Occupy Wall Street protests.

You Know What’s Ridiculous? That Skin-Tight “tznius” Skirt.

It’s also ridiculous to be told that it’s not “tznius”* to wear pants (as happened today).

Read more

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