“Are We Feminists?” is a blog born out of many discussions and debates between three friends over the past year. All three of us come from very different backgrounds, religious beliefs and practices, political persuasions, and have very different opinions on the questions surrounding feminism. Through this blog we will try to examine and critique culture and current events from our different perspectives, with the questions surrounding and posed by feminism as our main motivation. It is our hope that through our blogging we’ll be able to decide for ourselves how closely we identify with the ever-changing feminist movement, hence the title of the blog.

Emmy/Laz Lazarus is a college student, campus community leader, and full-time troll, interested primarily in philosophy, Jewish studies, and gender studies.

Lady Godiva/Lady G recently graduated college with a fancy-pants liberal arts degree. She’s a  big ol’ nerd about art criticism, theatre, sartorial choice, gender performance, and the Great Books. Loves G-d and Taylor Swift.

Queen Christina/Count Dohna cares too much about everything and wishes the universe would sort itself out intelligibly once in a while. Likes thinking about: Feminism, math, everything else.  Pet peeves: Men Who Explain Things to Women, trolls who aren’t Emmy. You can contact hir at iwishiwasafish87@gmail.com

last updated:  11/22/11

3 thoughts on “About

  1. M Marian says:

    Love the new format guys! But I will be missing Christina. : (

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