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Facebook Idiocy and Willful Ignorance: The ‘Slut isn’t Offensive’ Edition

I can’t always deal with facebook. I can’t always deal with normal, un-evil people who say things that they probably believe but don’t much care about, and when they’re unthinkingly attacking that which I hold very dear, I have a hard time staying calm. An acquaintance of mine shared the status update of a friend of his, and it went something like this:
‎”Slut-bashing is a cheap and easy way to feel powerful. If you feel insecure or ashamed about your own sexual desires, all you have to do is call a girl a ‘slut’ and suddenly you’re the one who is ‘good’ and on top of the social pecking order.” Societies shame individuals who express their sexuality in ways that do not conform to their society’s traditional values. I do not condone the shaming of deviant sexuality (as long as the deviant behavior does not involve some kind of coercion). Particularly because I don’t conform to them myself.”

To which someone (male) commented:

“The definition of slut: A slovenly or promiscuous woman. Whether people choose to be offended by it or not is up to them.”

Fucking seriously, dude?

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Srugim Season 3

Word on the street is that this is the last season 😦

While I don’t want to include any spoilers, I’ve been following it on YouTube. This season has shied away from what was promising to be a show that dealt with a lot of gender and sexuality issues. Season 1, for a while, appeared to be very focused on women’s issues, and Season 2 had a gay character (Sorry if that’s a spoiler! You should have caught up by now.). Aside from shomer negiah stuff (a common thread through all of the seasons), it’s relatively quiet. Actually, that’s not true – there are a few interesting things going on, that could be interesting to discuss. I’m thinking specifically about Amir, and perhaps Hodaya, and definitely Yifat.I won’t comment further on any developments in Season 3 for the sake of people who care what is going on, but please, anyone out there who has been following it and wants to talk about it please discuss in the comments section (where there will definitely be spoilers if the discussion takes off, be warned!), since I am dying to talk about it with someone!

Season 3 Things we could discuss, titled as to not spoil too much:

The Sheitel! Ick!


What the bloggers at Srugim Recap call “Smug Pregnant”

Amir’s new friend. Bromance?

Also, here’s a link to the original video for Smug Pregnant. Those who are willing to brave the possibilities of finding spoilers, let’s discuss this video! I think the video certainly has a lot of truth to it. Note to friends: Please do not be smug pregnant. Ever. I will not indulge you.