Drake, what are you doing?

So, uh, Drake apparently has a new single out.

[If you’re international, I apologize for the Hulu.  I have the feeling it’s the only way.]

my transcription: (0:29-0:45)

don’t make it too easy girl 

don’t take it too fast


that’s it right there

that’s it

do it just like that

only you can do it just like that

i love it when your hair’s still wet

cuz you just took a shower

running on the treadmill and

only eating salad

sound so smart like you graduated college

like you went to yale but you probably went to howard

knowing you


I would be remiss not to point out that Aubrey Drake Graham

  • is half Black and all Jewish 
  • is still most famous for portraying Jimmy-in-the-wheelchair on everyone’s favorite Canadian teenage soap opera
  • apparently also goes by “Drizzy
I’m not sayin’ I agree; I’m just sayin’
I have no comment on Nicki Minaj’s outfit at this time.
I’ll be back with long[er]-form content starting in November.   Chag sameach!
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6 thoughts on “Drake, what are you doing?

  1. chortlevork says:

    postmodernism in pop culture has desensitized us to what was originally surely the irony of juxtaposing someone like drake with someone like nicki. imagine tom petty feat. sid vicious.

  2. Emmy says:

    lol, Jimmy from Degrassi. I fucking love that show.

  3. LadyG says:

    chortlevork and I were discussing this again earlier today, and I thought I should mention: I actually don’t care very much at all about the “eating salad” line. It’s the juxtaposition between Yale and Howard, two schools that rarely get mentioned in the same sentence.

    mini-thesis: Drake is working very, very hard to get accepted as Black. y/n?*

    *I have no problem with this, by the way.

  4. dddaza says:


    Why would Drake have to work hard to be accepted as black? He is black.

    Howard and Yale rarely get mentioned in the same sentence? Well I suppose that’s who you’re speaking to.

    • LadyG says:

      I didn’t mean to imply any sort of prestige bias vis-a-vis Yale and Howard, especially with regard to academic quality. As chortlevork said elsewhere, he’s playing with cultural perceptions of class here. Which is awesome.

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