Days 20-24: Lame attempts to catch up.

This basically sums me up lately. Between working, trying to figure out how the hell I am going to stay on this raw vegan kick, and figuring out what I will do for gainful employment next year, I have neglected this voluntary 30-day process. Gahhh, I can’t wait for Day 31 when this is all over and I can just blog about normal things, but I’m going to stick with this.

Day 20: Perform Service – Damnit I used to do this all the time, up until I left for Israel. Every other weekend I was helping to plant a community garden somewhere on the South Side, giving elementary school kids help with math homework (lol @ me giving anyone help with math homework), sorting clothes at the Brown Elephant Thrift Shop. Even when I got back, I got connected to an elderly person to go visit every now and then, even if it was depressing to be around all of the death talk (this person is still alive, thank goodness). Since like, March, though, I haven’t participated in “pre-arranged” service opportunities, despite being the President and Treasurer of two community service organizations. What happened? I don’t know. I guess I just got busy. Well, yesterday, I think I may have unwittingly performed service. I took a Shabbat stroll around my neighborhood, and all of a sudden, near my old dorm, I found a car in which someone had left their keys in the (socket? I can’t speak English) of the hood door. Now, that is a very dumb thing to do in my neighborhood, but I remembered all of the stupid things I’ve done in this neighborhood and thought that this person’s day would be made much better if they didn’t get their car stolen. Being without a phone, I sat there for around an hour and a half waiting for a security car to show up. I waved at them and told them about the situation, they called the police, and I left. I like to think that I did this out of a desire to “serve” rather than just being bored. I’ve also been preparing a box of old clothes to donate to the Howard Brown Center, an LGBT community health clinic, which I hope fits the more “organized” sense of service this post was intended to produce.

Day 21: Write Your Own Eulogy: Hmm… I’ve always had a fascination with my own death, but more of a scary one in which all of the loose ends in my life come together very awkwardly and painfully for everyone involved. I’ll write one in which the loose ends have been tied and I’ve lived a productive and happy life. I am not posting it on here, since it’s rather exaggerated, but feel free to email me if you’d like to take a look.

Day 22: Improve your posture – I’m workin on it.

Day 23: Learn a manual skill – I’d really like to fix that damn fan in the living room that can’t go above minimal speed without shaking soooo sooo loudly. I think I’ll give it a try. UGH.

Day 24: Play! – Wow, finally an excuse to play Sim City. It only works on the Reg computers though. I played on Friday before work. I love that game.

6 thoughts on “Days 20-24: Lame attempts to catch up.

  1. M Marian says:

    “rivaled in reputation only by her lively and well-attended cocktail parties” – notable for their exquisit gin and tonics, and for launching the resurgence of key musical icons from the 70’s and 80’s.

  2. Cranky says:

    I want to see this eulogy – thanks for the preview, MM!


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