Day 15: Make a meal.

So, I’ve been cooking every day since I moved in – now having a kosher kitchen, no meal plan, and no kosher restaurants within an hour kind of leaves me with no other option but to cook or eat cereal. However, now I have a subletter who doesn’t keep kosher, so instead of making her feel awkward in a kitchen full of rules that probably wouldn’t make sense, I’ve given her complete use of the kitchen and some of my old kitchen supplies, bought myself a new knife, and now I am finally giving raw veganism another shot while she’s here. Raw veganism something I’d been meaning to do since I last gave up on it in the summer before college. I’ve pretty much lost about five to ten pounds since I moved in three weeks ago, but within this week alone I lost another five pounds on this new eating lifestyle.

Raw veganism, however, doesn’t mean that I just sit around gnawing on roots (though I see nothing wrong with that). Today I made myself a meal of pineapple with chili powder (which my mom kindly shipped to me from California), guacamole, and seltzer. In order to honor the spirit of the 30 day challenge, I made it a bit more special than normal meals by eating outside in the backyard of my apartment. It was nice outside.

Chopping up fruit and putting chili powder on it (as well as chamoy, this amazing sauce made from pickled and spiced apricots; I unfortunately haven’t been able to find a kosher brand) is one of my favorite Mexican culinary traditions.  In Mexico, especially during the summer, you’ll see carts everywhere with “fruta preparada,” especially at the beach or on busy downtown avenues (the more brave vendors walk between traffic to sell it to you). Yesterday I put some chili powder on some Jicama, but other fruits enjoyed this way are mangoes, cucumbers, apples, melons.

I made some guacamole as well, which of course is also from Mexico, and I think I might have gone a bit overboard with the salt but it still tasted good by the spoonful, without needing any tortilla chips or tacos to put it on.

In total, I used the following ingredients:

1/2 of a medium pineapple.
1tbsp of chili powder.
1 avocado.
Juice of 1 lime
1/8th of a large red bell pepper.
A glass of seltzer (not Mexican at all).


5 thoughts on “Day 15: Make a meal.

  1. vicuña says:

    intriguing meal. it also looks great in the picture, so bonus points. also recommended: chocolate based diet (meal prep: buy chocolate in chip or bar form, open package, consume. simple and delicious-and vegetarian)

  2. Cranky says:

    I can’t tell if it’s the photo or not, but I’m surprised the lime didn’t keep your guac green. I think I’m postponing Day 15 until Monday night when I’m in my new apartment – I’ve proposed roommate dinner with the roommates since we’ll all be there.

    • Emmy says:

      The guac was gross looking because the avocados arrived lookin’ that way. Still tasted okay. I hope your meal goes super well!

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