Day 13: Emmy Declutters (and selections from Day 12’s bucket list).

I sat down and wrote my bucket list. 30 items and a lifetime (however long or short) to complete them (not including a large portion of the other 613 items).  SCAV OF LIFE. FUCKIN’ YEAH. Here are a few selections from it:

#5: Learn to play Bach’s Cello Suite No.1 by memory (on the cello, of course, currently rotting away in California).
#10: Treat my parents and sister to a vacation.
#11: Build a camping eruv and actually scare a mother bird from a nest before taking eggs. (Note: camping buddies desired for a Shabbat in the Indiana Dunes either before Thanksgiving or after Pesach – lemme know!).
#12: Take care of my parents when they retire through whatever means possible.
#17: Visit Rome and Athens, preferably with a philosopher tour guide or with friends who agree to do research for it and take turns giving philosophy-based tours.
#18: Go to Paris with my sister (take her if possible), see the Alps!
#19:  Take a train from Istanbul to Kathmandu (OMG I have to go through Iran and Pakistan for that!), and then take trains throughout India (also looking for an adventurous buddy for this one).
#23: Create a spoof rap music video of high quality.
#24: Climb Masada at sunrise (I can’t believe I didn’t do this on my first trip to Israel).
#27: Visit Cordoba, Spain; Fez, Morocco; Cairo, Egypt; Baghdad, Iraq; Uman, Ukraine; Vilna, Lithuania; Warsaw, Poland; Volozhin, Belarus. Maybe in one trip, maybe in two, maybe in more.
#28: Perfect a recipe for vegan paella, get known for it.

Day 13: Well, I have actually been decluttering, and I’m planning on donating my old clothes to the Howard Brown Center’s thrift store. In fact, this month I am also decluttering my typical diet through a raw vegan detox, and decluttering my mind by quitting facebook for a while (profile’s still up, wall’s closed, won’t be signing in until October 9).

I’m starting to like this.

8 thoughts on “Day 13: Emmy Declutters (and selections from Day 12’s bucket list).

  1. chortlevork says:

    mumblerant and I did #11 earlier this summer. it was awesome.

  2. Chatulim says:

    On #19: Wow. I’ve always wanted to do Newfoundland to the Aleutians overland (I’ve figured out more than one route without driving) but that’s through my own country and our friendly neighbor.

    Also, where would you treat your parents and sister?

    • Emmy says:

      Yeah. The blog I’m drawing inspiration from says to not worry about dreaming too big, but I hope I can work it out somehow, perhaps if I skip Iran and “cheat” – but this really sounds like my dream adventure. That and riding a motorcycle from the tip of Argentina to the Panama canal 🙂

      Anywhere they wanted. I’d prefer to show them Israel, but really I’d just tell them to pick a place and a way of getting there, unless it went through Iran, of course 😉

      • Chatulim says:

        Motorcycle Diaries a la Emmy? Nice.

        I guess you could go through Georgia, Azerbaijan, boat to Kazakhstan, then from there through Xinjiang and Tibet although I think most of that would be non-train so it would just be Istanbul-Kathmandu overland…

  3. Emmy says:

    Chatulim: But I want to see Iran!!! and I will probably spring the 300 bucks for a tour of Tibet. Seeing Tibet is now on my bucket list, and probably has been subconsciously on my bucket list since I was seven.

  4. Chatulim says:

    Ah. Well then of course you should go through Iran!

    My other crazy overland bucket-list is Harbin to Bali overland. Which would actually be a lot easier than Newfoundland-Alaska.

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