Days 3-7: In which Emmy stops being a loser and catches up on the list.

It’s been a chaotic week, moving into my apartment, buying stuff for the kitchen, getting back to work, catching up on emails and what not. Sorry I haven’t been keeping up. Today I will try to do as many items on the list, and I’ll try to be caught up by them tomorrow.

Day 3: Find A Mentor

Honestly, this one is the most difficult one on the list, and may have been the reason I have been postponing these points in the first place. As it turns out, I have had someone in mind since April who I would love to have as a mentor as I work on my thesis, a professor in my department, and I emailed her once to ask her if this would be possible.  She gave me a raincheck and told me to get back to her in a few weeks once I had my ideas more well-put together. I haven’t emailed her since then. Although I already have a formal advisor, I am still interested in learning from her and developing a mentoring relationship.Today I am emailing her to apologize. This is probably more important in this development exercise, as Cranky pointed out, than finding a mentor. I think I might still ask her to be my mentor, but the truth is it’s been quite a while since I promised to get back to her, and I’ll be happy if she even accepts my apology, since, as Cranky points out via a scholar we both admire, professors have feelings too. Here goes nothing. I’ll post in the comments if anything comes of it.

Here are the first few lines: I am very sorry for not following up with you earlier this year to give you an update on my ideas for a thesis topic to see if you would consider being my thesis adviser. I would have liked to have written you much sooner, but unfortunately I did not follow through with my end of the agreement of contacting you once I had refined my topic.

OK hold on while I finish this email… writing… ok, sent. Wow, that is easily one of the top ten most difficult emails I have had to write.  I hope I didn’t blow it. Thanks, Cranky. I don’t know if I would have been able to do this without you. I probably would have chickened out. It’s time I start sending emails (and updating blogs) on time!

Day 4: Increase Your Testosterone (Will do this tomorrow, I’ll include it in my next post).

Day 5:  Cultivate Your Gratitude
Part 1: Cultivate your Personal Gratitude – List of ten things I am thankful for:

1.) I am grateful for my parent’s tireless sacrifice and generosity, particularly in terms of material support. My parents came to the US with very little in order to start a family, and since then they have worked so hard in their jobs to provide for me and my sister, and they do so from a place of deep love for us.
2.) I am grateful for my teachers since kindergarten who have given me many of the tools and lessons that have helped open many opportunities for me. I don’t think I’d be blogging right now if it weren’t for their encouragement and expertise.
3.) I am grateful for my sister, who has always been a good sport through all of my craziness and astounds me with what a wonderful, sweet, and virtuous person one can be. She is a walking saint.
4.) I am grateful to friends in general, but especially those friends  (and one particularly amazing bro) who helped me stay afloat after an awful breakup late last summer and helping me make it through this year too, each in their own special way.
5. ) I am grateful for my internship this past summer, which opened up a lot of opportunities for future projects and helped me develop as a student, as a feminist, and as a Jew.
6.) I am grateful for feminism, anti-racism, and class consciousness, and the brave people before me who have fought under those movements for countless opportunities that I probably wouldn’t be able to enjoy without their accomplishments.
7.)  I am grateful for my job, my wages,  my friendly and patient new supervisor, and the chance to listen to lectures while I work.
8.)  I am thankful for my Rabbi, who puts so much time and effort into helping me and other students here on campus and is always willing to host me for Shabbat or answer questions and give advice.
9.) I am grateful for the internet, which has helped me access information and people in ways unimaginable before my lifetime.
10. ) I am grateful for God – particularly through its ordering of the universe and its role as a source of inspiration.

Part 2: Thank three people.
I already thanked my parents today sincerely for their generosity in buying things for my kitchen. It wouldn’t hurt to do it again tomorrow, but that leaves two more people to thank tomorrow. I think I’ll thank my boss and my Rabbi. I’ll report on this on the comments section when I get the chance.

Day 6: Update Your Resume.
LadyG is probably better at this and I am, but what I did is:
Changed font from Futura to Adobe Garamond, changed “Work Experience” and “Leadership Experience” to “Employment” and “Community Leadership,” added a few more numbers to quantify my achievements, and got more specific about my writing project this summer. I also checked it for spelling and for problem words.

Day 7: Reconnect with an old friend.
I actually started a letter to an old friend from high school a few weeks ago (he sent me one first). I’ll try to finish it and send it by today or the day after.

3 thoughts on “Days 3-7: In which Emmy stops being a loser and catches up on the list.

  1. LadyG says:

    “LadyG is probably better at this AND I am, but what I did is” #grammardouche








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