Salutations and Felicitations!

My Internet name is LadyGodiva and I like big words.   Friends and fellow Internet citizens call me Lady G; trolls should please address me by my complete title: Godiva, Countess of Mercia (Emmy excepted).   Normally on the Internet I have a fast-and-loose attitude towards capitalization, but for the sake of your eyes I will adopt standard English conventions here.    I recently graduated from the Midwestern college that my compatriots currently attend, and I continue to reside relatively nearby, albeit in a very, very different neighborhood.   I hope to find a way to blog about the cultural and demographic shift I’ve encountered upon moving without revealing too much about myself.

On this blog I will be primarily focusing on heteronormativity and its expression in pop culture and the media*.  Part of my personal feminist journey in college involved coming to terms with my own heteronormative identity – as many of you already know, 85% of my close female friends in college were [are] out-and-proud lesbians.   One of my many problems with the current feminism movement is the trend towards egalitarianism and emphasis on ignoring or obliterating the differences between genders.   I love and support all of my friends across the gender spectrum, but I am most interested and personally invested in understanding the barriers that secular American society has erected between the “two” genders, masculine and feminine.   I choose to explore this through pop culture and the media – often the most simplistic, shallow examples – because it is through examining the lowest common denominator that we can truly know the progress, if any, our culture has made.    Also, I’m not-so-secretly obsessed with Taylor Swift and Amy Poehler (one of them is a natural blonde; guess which), so I want an excuse to talk about them all the time!

My Judaism is deeply integral to my feminism and the foundation of my life, but I will largely not be blogging about it here.   I am excited to see how Emmy explores Jewish feminist theory, but I don’t anticipate starting any topics on this blog related to my own experience or opinions – bli neder, right?  😉

I have spent most of my life being the oddball in the group, in pretty much every direction:  the religious kid among seculars, the transgressor among believers, the pluralist among fierce party-liners, the progressive among conservatives, the libertarian (lol not really) among socialists, the straight girl among genderqueer, the cis among trans (yes I’ve been in groups where I’m the minority in that regard), the radical among moderates, the moderate among radicals, the traditional among modernists, modern among traditionalists, the undergrad among grad students, the 22-yr-old among Real Adults, the arty thinker among math/econ majors, the practical-minded among starving bohemians, and very, very frequently: the only girl among guys or the only woman among men.    I promise you that this is not as schizophrenic as it seems: it’s just that I like to surround myself with interesting people, and people who think exactly like me are pretty boring.  :-p

As a final note, I am pretty frickin’ excited to be blogging as a titled British lady from the 11th century alongside an anarchist and a socialist.    This is going to be so much fun!

*While I have strong political beliefs, on this blog I hope to restrict myself to discussing the effect that Hillary Clinton and Michele Bachmann have on feminism and pop culture.  Except when it comes to abortion rights and protecting/defending/supporting the violated, male or female.

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