Let’s do this thing

My name is Christina, Queen of Sweden. At least, it was. I go by Count Dohna now, because I decided the life of an incredibly capable queen just wasn’t for me and I wanted to rule my own patch of land out in the countryside. As a man. That’s who I am. I like to reinvent myself if the mood strikes, and come at things and ideas from all angles.

I attend the same Midwestern school as my wonderful fellow bloggers, though I’m in the Northeast for the summer. I’d like to take a moment to thank these fantastic women for bringing me into this project, because feminism deserves to be talked about by the thoughtful as well as by the passionate. In fact, its that intersection which fascinates me most. I’ll be writing about academic feminism and political feminism, the trajectories they’ve taken, how they interact with each other and how they’re perceived by the broader culture. We need our crusaders for justice, calling people on their casually sexist bullshit. We also need our intellectuals, bravely rethinking gender and class and race. And we certainly need those who are constantly re-evaluating the movement, making sure it’s going in the right direction and coming across the right way.  Unfortunately, sometimes we’re forced to choose one of these approaches or worst of all, none of them.

I don’t even remember how I ‘got into’ feminism. The basic tenets always seemed kind of obvious, and if asking for respect for myself as a woman (among other things) meant I was part of a movement, then part of a movement I was. Then, of course, there were all those protesters, fighting for suffrage, for abortion rights, for divorce reform, through history and on the news. They were heroes and heroines of mine, who fought for me without seeming to ask anything in return. Finally, I arrived in the world of the internet, where I realized that feminism meant so many things to so many people, that people who were ‘on my side’ so to speak disagreed vehemently with me, and that feminism was really not just about women. I had to, nay, got to rethink all of my positions, enter the world of abstractions and jargon and take on a subculture confidently as my own. Then I got stuck, as a fighter spending time in a thinking world, a thinker hoping to enter the fighting world, and as a feminist in a hostile world. That’s what I’m looking to change.

I hope to be impassioned enough to get academic feminism on the streets, rational enough to get activism in the books, and persuasive enough to get both into people’s heads.

One thought on “Let’s do this thing

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